Thursday, July 4, 2013

Penny's Swim Lessons!

Oh what an adventure swim lessons are!! Penny just had her 1st week of swim lessons with Miss Krista! So the top collage is from the 1st day! She was so excited! The first class went great until it was time to put her face in the water! Oh my...melt down the rest of class! She just was not going to do that and then wouldn't swim the rest of class! She said "I'm done" and got out of the pool found her towel and cried at the door where I was inside the house watching her from the window! Oh my! She has some sass!!  
Day 2: Started out strong them when it came time to putting her face in the water she just started crying! She knows "don't mess with pretty!" She got out of the pool again and just cried! Poor thing!! When we got home we practiced swimming in the tub! She did great and even put her face in the water over and over! So I guess she'll just do it on her own time!! Or when she feels brave enough!  
Day 3: I was a little nervous because I just figured it was going to be another day of melt downs! But she surprised me!! She hopped right in the pool and started swimming and putting her face in! Even her teacher was shocked!! I think little Penny was shocked too!! We couldn't believe it!! So after the whole week was said and done she finally Loved swimming! Now it's on to practicing so we don't have any set backs! No more swimming melt downs! haha! Such a memorable week!

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lauren said...

she cracks me up! she is still so little no worries! she will get it! so sad to here about your cute grandma! she is so sweet!