Sunday, January 17, 2016

Big Big Boy!!

Somebodies been busy doing Big Boy things over here!! Sad my baby isn't a baby any more but we have just been so proud of our Big Boy!! He proudly wears big boy underwear and has been so easy and so good while in this training process!! I do not not like this part of being mom but boy has he picked it right up and been so easy!! He gets it and we are so relieved, happy and proud!! He wants to wear his big boy underwear and we gladly let him!! We also changed his crib into his toddler bed! He's so proud of that!! He doesn't always stay in his bed as good as the crib but that's OK! We are so excited for him to be a Big Big Boy!! Penny is just loving this phase too! She is so proud and encourages him too!! She gets so excited over ever little new thing he does!!! She's the best little cheerleader that's for sure!! We couldn't be more proud of the both of them!!! Yay for being such a Big boy Cashy!! We love you!!! Now Chad says...."it's time for another!" hahaha