Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby Kinslee Grace Has Arrived!

She's here! She's here!! Chad's sister little Tara had her 1st baby and it's a Girl!!! My flamingo diva has arrived and boy is she precious!! She is just so perfect!! Baby Kinslee Grace was born on Feb 23, 2015, weighing 7lbs5oz and measuring 19 1/2in long!!! She has long fingers, feet and toes!! She has perfect little almond Asian like eyes! A tiny little button nose and super sweet kissable lips! Oh I just have a soft spot for girls!!! Penny was so proud of her! Such a big girl holding her!! It just melted my heart to see Penny holding her!!! Then it was little Cash's turn to see baby Kinslee and he kept saying "Bay-eee! Bay-eee!" He was so soft with her and just loved on her! He kept hugging her legs as daddy was holding her!!! Oh my so sweet and so precious to see my sweet little kids with baby Kinslee!  Uh-oh......am I getting baby fever? hahah! We are so proud of you Tara and Drew!! You guys make beautiful babies!! Keep them coming! haha! We love you guys so much!!!

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