Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just Love Our Big Boy!!

This one has my whole heart!! Our sweet Cashy boy turned 19mons!! Getting too big!! He just loves everything about life!! Busy Boy!! When he see's something new or exciting to him he gives you the cutest excited expression face!! It's the best!!! He's super ticklish and boy do we love to get him giggling!! He loves his cars, trackers, trucks and balls! He loves books and loves when we read to him! He will just keep pulling them off the shelf for us to read! He loves playing outside and just cries when it's time to come in!! He Loves the water!!! When you say "let's go take a bath!" He starts taking his clothes off and running to the tub!!! He loves his hands washed too!! If he see's a sink you must stop and wash his hands!! He still only has 4 teeth- 2 on top and 2 on bottom! Any day now the others should just be popping in!! A few more words this month! He says "issy" for sissy! Penny was so excited when that came out of his mouth!! :) He says "Emmmmm" for Auntie Em! "mmmm" when his food tastes so good!! He is such a delight!! Keeps us on our toes, smiling and laughing!! 

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lauren said...

oh I love him !! sweetest boy