Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun School Field Trip!!

Penny has had such a fun school year with Mrs. McIntyre!! They were off on another field trip! This time to the Stewart's Ranch to see the Horses and cows and then we went down to Anderson's Dairy for a tour of how they make ice cream and milk!! At the Stewart's Ranch Penny got to get on a horse!! She loved it!! and she also got to feed the horses too!! My little Cashy boy even got a chance to get up on a horse and he wasn't having that!! He did not want to get on that horse for nothing!! I kept saying "your daddy would be so sad! My Honz is a true farm boy and Loves Horses! haha!! Penny is definitely his girl and it looks like Cashy is my boy! hahaha! Such a fun day! Penny is still talking about how much fun she had! Thanks Mrs. McIntyre for all these awesome opportunities!!!!

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lauren said...

so much fun being with you guys!!!