Friday, March 20, 2015

Look Who's Riding Her Bike Like A Boss!!!

Looks who's riding her Bike without those Training Wheels!!! This girl!!! Penny has been begging me and daddy to take them off and I would tell her "that's not  mommy's job! It's scares mommy to do that!! So daddy needs to do this one!!"  Well all that know...know that Chad has had a bad back for quite sometime and just recently had back surgery 2wks ago! So daddy was out of the picture to teach her until his back was better! haha! So the Sunday that Chad got home from the hospital from surgery he invited his brother Jeff and family to come over to visit! Uncle Jeff pulled out the bikes for his kids and as soon as Penny saw is was bike riding time she ask Uncle Jeff if he would take the training wheels off her bike!! Now Uncle Jeff is a pro at teaching kids how to ride a bike without training wheels! He must have the magic touch! Not only has he taught both his kids he has taught his nephew Benjamin and now Penny!! So he took those training wheels right off her bike and she jumped up on it and Uncle Jeff held her seat as she took off and off she went! She never looked back!! She could start and stop all on her own! Uncle Jeff kept saying "oh man she was ready!" Shoot I guess she was!! haha! She is so proud and feels so BIG!! She has told everyone and has showed everyone that has come over to our house!! We sure love you Penny and your determination!! She's so strong willed and strives to succeed! I hope she continues to carry these characteristics through out her life!!! We couldn't be more Proud! We love you Penny girl!! 
Ps. As she was riding pass me she said "mommy I'm going to Swim without my wings next! I'm ready!" haha! You go girl!! She's just getting too BIG!!!

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lauren said...

love these pics!! I cant believe she can do it we need to teach maddie!!