Friday, March 20, 2015

Our Little Lucky Charms!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!! Louie the Leprechaun found our home and he was a little naughty!! He turned all the toilet water Green, turned the milk Green, made a mess in the front toy room, pulled out a bunch of toys in the love sac room, put post-it notes 1 by1 on each cabinet in the kitchen,  made a Lucky Charm trail all throughout the kitchen around the island and ended in the love sac room where he left tons of Gold coins and both Penny and Cash got a bag with a few toy surprises!!!! He also left Gold Coins in each of our shoes all lined up at the garage door! So I guess you could say Louie the Leprechaun was Naughty and Nice!! Penny and Cash were so excited to find all this!! In fact...Penny is still talking about Louie the Leprechaun and what he did!! haha!
Just Love these little Lucky Charms in the pics above! They just melt my Heart!!

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