Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Day at Grandma DeeDee's!

After a wonderful church we headed over to Chad's mom's house for Easter dinner and  Easter egg hunt! Such a wonderful day with family! I'm so lucky to have married into this amazing family!! The food is always so yummy! We always have such a great time all together!! This top pic collage is just our little Easter pics we took as a family! Can't get over my little's! They just melt my heart!
I love having my babies close with my sister n law's babies!! These 3 girls are the best of friends and I know these 2 little boys are going to be double trouble!!!! Especially if they have that Bierstedt blood running thru them! :) Just Love all my sweet nieces and nephews! Again I'm truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful family!!!
This fun little collage is from their Easter egg hunt! Grandma DeeDee has the best park for this right in front of her new home!! The kids had a blast!! My sister n laws are so clever and color coordinated everything!! Each child got a bucket with their name on it in the color they were hunting for eggs in!!! It was awesome!! Penny was Pink!!! All was fair and even!! Everyone had the same number of eggs to find too! It was so fun to see the older cousins helping the littler ones out! I loved it!!! So cool! and Definitely a new tradition every year!!! Thanks fam for a wonderful day!!

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lauren said...

what a good idea!!for the eggs!