Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Going to the Horse Races!

This was a new adventure for us for sure and we Loved it!! On the way home from Disneyland Chad's step brother was going to take his family to the horse races down in Santa Anita! So of course we had to go to!! We can't miss out in any new fun!! It was so Exciting!! We got to walk right down along the fence where the Horses would race by!! The whole crowd would be yelling and screaming as the Horse would race by!! Chad really got into the excitement of it all with his betting!! He would put a couple of dollars down on a few Horses! At first he was off to a loosing streak but he got the hang of it and he ended up coming out on top! The last race we watched was a Big one! The horse that one will be racing in the Kentucky Derby! Chad made a great bet and we walked away with $56!!! So exciting!! We really had such a fun time! Such a fun experience! We can't wait to go back! and you better believe I will be wearing the biggest Hat I can find!!! Love it!

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