Monday, April 7, 2014

Our Annual Disneyland Reunion!!!

Thanks to Jeff and Vicki (Chad's dad and step-mom) we were able to go to Disneyland for our Family reunion again! We had a few new faces...the sweet babies that weren't there last year and we had some faces that couldn't come and they were very missed!! But life doesn't get any better than when your at the Happiest place on Earth with your Family!! We had a Blast!!! Penny especially! The older she gets the more she understands the excitement of it all!! I love it!! This year my honz made us all matching t-shirts for both days! The cutest part was that even the babies had their little onesies matching us!! Great job honz! They were a hit and they look fabulous in the pics!!!
The first day we went to Disneyland!!! We wore our Red shirts that Chad made for us!  It wasn't as packed as I thought is was going to be! We even walked on every ride!!! No waiting in any lines for us!!  and That's the way to do it!!!
Now of course my little Penny is obsessed with the Princesses and Ariel was the only Princess she got to see, talk to, sing to and hug!!! and yes you just read "sing to".....after Ariel signed her character book Ariel asked her if she any of her songs and of course Penny did! She started to get a little shy but that didn't stop her before you know it both Penny and Ariel are just a singing "Part of your World!" It was awesome!! It was definitely a proud moment for me!!! Love my little Singer!!! The only other time she got to see the Princesses was in the Parade and she was freaking out in excitement!!! She was dieing to see Anna and Elsa from Frozen but the line to see them was 4hrs!! What the heck!!! and that was not even guaranteeing that you got to see them! If it went over their time then you waited for nothing!  So we just couldn't stand there for that long to risk it!!! You couldn't even buy anything  Frozen in the gift shops either...all sold out!!!! Dang!! They are just way to popular!!!
More pics from Disneyland day!
Got to LOVE that little Cashy!! This was his 1st time to Disneyland!!! He was a dream!! He pretty much stayed in his stroller both days so good!! Ate there....napped there!! He was just a joy!! Such a low maintenance baby!!! He is just so Happy all the time!!! So smiley! Love him!!!
These pics lead into our next day! We wore our Blue shirts that Chad made! We spent the whole day over at California Adventure!! This park is so much fun!!! Definitely not as busy and we were still walking on every ride! Didn't wait in one line!! Not even Cars!!! We were loving life!
Just love all my little nieces and nephews!! For as many kids that we have all together both days they were all so good!! It was awesome!! Penny got to ride her 1st Big fast roller coaster over in Disneyland the day before! She was having a blast getting on the rides this year!! I put her in her Cowgirl boots to give her an extra inch and it worked!! So that was exciting for her and us!! She still would get a little scared and wouldn't go on the Tower of Terror but I don't even go on that!! haha. Next year will be even that much better!
More fun pics from California Adventure day!
We had a Blast at the Mad Tea Party!! Live band! and  Penny was our Live Show! She Loves to Dance and she was rocking it out! She is one hyped little girl! haha
It's always so crazy for Chad and I to get out of town during the week because of work but once we get there we have the Best time!! Such fun memories and besties were made! Thank you Jeff and Vicki for the wonderful time! These big family trips are so fun! Thanks for the memories! Can't wait until next year!!!! Don't go changing anything about it!!! haha!


lauren said...

looks like a blast!!! I LOVE those shirts way to go chad!! so crazy about frozen!! we sure missed you guys at the dunes though!!

Chad & Emylee said...

miss you guys! When do you go to Disneyland?