Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Fun at the Tivoli Village!!

A fun little outing to the Tivoli Village! They were having an Easter event for kids at their park! There was a petting zoo of chicks and bunnies, a craft table, a cotton candy booth, and pictures with a real life Easter Bunny! Me and my Bestie waited in line for 2hrs for the Easter Bunny pic!! It was packed there and for some reason the photo booth line was barely moving along!!  Penny had a blast going from station to station while we waited in line!! So we finally make it up to front and it's my turn!! I turn around to get Cash out of the stroller and get my camera ready and when I turned back I realized they changed my Bunny!!! What the.....! My Bestie and everybody in front of us had the sweetest most perfect bunny! Black and White with Black ears and perfect little markings! It was well trained! didn't move!! And as you can see my Little's ended up with the whitest bunny with the red beety eyes!! It was so white that you can't even see it in my pics!! It was too Bright!! and definitely not as trained as the other bunny! It kept jumping out of the basket! Turning backwards in the basket! And kept moving it's face around sniffing my kids! Just my luck!! hahaha! Oh well! These pics still turned out pretty dang cute!! and we got a great memory to laugh about!!! Tauna you better keep your Perfect little Bunny for me and Holly for next year!! Forget the 2hr line! We are just going to come over to your zen backyard and snap our Easter pics with Clancy!  Happy Easter everyone!!!

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