Monday, April 21, 2014

Loving the Fair!!!!

It's Fair time!!! Every year we take our trailer out to Logandale and set up camp to stay for the whole Fair weekend!!! We got out there Friday early afternoon and stayed until Sunday evening!! On Friday and Saturday we were out there with my family!! and on Sunday Chad's family came out for the day! We had beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday! A little hot but no crazy winds like normal but man did the wind pick up by Sunday!! It was a crazy dusty mess!
The first 2 collages are from Friday!! We had such a Fun day!! We had a Surprise visit from Auntie Eryn from Oklahoma!! She got to stay for the whole weekend too! and Eryka's whole family came out for the whole weekend as well!  On Friday my nephew Mav rode a Sheep for the 1st time! Chance did this the last 2yrs but he is to big now! It's called Mutton Buston! This is so Fun to watch!! Little Mav did Great!! He Won lots of money and was Happy with that!! If you ask him he's not sure he will do it again next year!! :)
These next 2 collages are from Saturday!! We did lots of Carnival Riding!! This is my favorite part of the fair!!! and we discovered that it pretty much is an Ence thing! You couldn't get us big Ence kids off these rides! haha! Thank goodness for all our spouses! They took care of the Little's and let us ride and ride and ride!! We closed the fair down at midnight after we went to the rodeo!
Also on Saturday it was Zane's turn to Mutton Bust!! This was his 1st time too! He did so awesome!! He Won a bunch of money and the Ence boys gave him his first cowboy belt buckle!! Man was Zane so proud of that!! Both my nephews were so Brave getting up on those sheep and neither one of them want to get back on one next year, but if you ask Penny she said she's riding one next year!!! What? If momma has anything to do with it....we shall see!!! Daddy is all for it!! After seeing her cousins fall off those sheep on their backs I was hoping that would scare her! Nope...she says she's riding!! I don't want my baby girl to get hurt! Plus those sheep are so dirty and smelly and so gross! You wouldn't catch me near one! haha! She definitely is not Miss Priss like her momma!!! 
This was our last and final day! These pics are from Sunday! We had such a great day with Chad's family! To bad it was so windy!! I couldn't even get my camera out that much because there was so much sand and dirt in the air! We spent most our time in the big tent watching all the shows!! That was a ton of fun!! We Love the Fair weekend! We can't wait until next year!

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