Thursday, March 13, 2014

Penny's 1st Cheer Camp!

Our very good friend Elise Simister invited Penny out to a Cheer Camp up at Palo High School! Elise is a Cheerleader there!! This was Penny's 1st Cheer Camp! She was the youngest one! She was so Excited to go! She had to wear her cheer outfit and  her hair had to be in a high ponytail with a BIG bow right on the top of her head! She said she needed to look just like Elise!! So cute!! She loves her "Leesee!" She also had to take her pom-poms! She had a blast! At the end of the camp they had a performance for the parents! Oh my! We couldn't wait for this part! Bless her little heart! She was a day late and a dollar short! haha! She was cracking us up because she started making up her own actions and moves! She was the only one with the pompoms and she was working those! haha! She truly has so much personality! She is so FUN!! She didn't even care she wasn't doing the cheers correctly because she was doing her own Show! haha! Love my little Star!! She makes us so Proud!!

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Jennine Stalder said...

Awww! That is just adorably cute! I’m sure Penny had a lot of fun in cheer camp. With the look on her face in those photos, I can see that she was really ecstatic. Hahaha! That was really nice of the high school to conduct a little cheer camp for those cute little girls. :D
Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports