Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Baby is 2!!!

 My most handsome little boy has turned the Big 2!!! Seriously where does the time go! 2 BIG! 2 Fast!! My baby has hit the terrible 2's!! haha  He sure is my busy busy wild boy!! He loves to cause trouble and tease tease tease!! Such a little stinker that's so stubborn and full of a very big personality!! But we wouldn't change him for nothing! He keeps us on our toes that's for sure!! He sits in time out most of his day!!! hahaha  He's loves the camera and taking pics!! Just stops and poses whenever and where ever! It's the sweetest! Talking a ton more and finally has a whole mouth of teeth!! Still delayed by 6mons month with the teeth but they are coming in now all of them all at once!! Yikes!! He wants to do everything big sissy does! Follow the leader that's for sure! Good thing big sissy doesn't brake any of mommy's rules!! haha
We just love our Cashy boy!!!

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lauren said...

just wait till he is 3 their even worse!!but they sure are sweet