Friday, May 30, 2014

Visiting Grandpa Bierstedt!

A couple weeks ago we had the wonderful opportunity to go to Texas to see Grandpa Bierstedt! Chad had not seen his Grandpa Bierstedt since he was 13yrs old and of course the kids and I had never met him before! What a wonderful time we had! To start this was the 1st plane ride for the kids! I was a bit nervous about that but they did great on the plane!! Lots of activities and lots of snacks was the key!! Secondly I had never been to Texas! Wow! It was beautiful there!! Chad and I couldn't get over the Restaurants! There was such a variety of food places and the places were huge!! and did I mention the food was Amazing!! We had never had such great food ever!!
Visiting with Grandpa Bierstedt was wonderful! He had so many great stories!It was so wonderful to really get to know more about him! He pulled out his old photo albums and showed us so many pictures with so much history! Chad and I started to put together where some of Chad's resemblances came from looking at the young pictures of his grandpa! So neat! It was so precious to see him interact with his great grand kids! He just Loved them!! Penny called him her "little grandpa!" So dang cute! and Cash would just watch his every move and just Smile so big at him!
While we were there we Took the kids to a fun Children's Museum and also to a Drive through Zoo! The Zoo was really cool! The animals would come right up to your car and some were a lot more aggressive than others! Like that Ostrich up in the collage! It's face came right into our car on the driver's side where Chad was so Chad hurried and rolled up the window and then it started hitting it's beak into the window! It was hyped!!! We were loving the action!!! It was so Crazy!
Before we caught the plane back home we did the River Walk down in San Antonio! We took a little boat around all these old buildings as they talked about the Alamo! I had no idea how much history is right there in San Antonio! We had such a wonderful time! It was sad to say goodbye to Grandpa! So we are hoping to get back to Texas real soon!! Being with family is really what it's all about for Chad and I! We had such a lovely time! We love you Grandpa Bierstedt!!

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