Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Cash Is 9mons!!

 Seriously why does the time have to go by so fast!! I can't believe our Golden Boy is 9mons old!! and boy is he getting his little personality!! He already is trying so hard to keep up with his big sis!! He just watches her every move and somebody started to crawl!!! He hasn't quite mastered it but he definitely is on the move and big sister is already started moving her toys aways from him!! Poor little guy! All he wants to do is be right next to her doing what she's doing!! His little crawl is so funny! He uses is tip toes to move forward then to his knees and then on to his tummy out stretching his arms to repeat the whole process again! Looks sort of like an inch worm when in motion!! He's still just as happy as can be!! So Smiley and his newest thing is talking!! He 1st started saying "dadda" around the end of 8mons old and just a couple of weeks ago he started saying "momma!" It's so exciting around here as he starts learning and doing new things! Especially for Penny!!! She was so excited to discover that Cash learned how to Clap (also new this month)!!! She was so Proud of him! Telling everyone!! "Cash can Clap! Cash can Clap!" So sweet! She is his biggest fan and I know the feeling is mutual in return from little Cash!! He also discovered that he can make noise with toys by banging them together or against the wall or anything that makes a loud noise back!! He loves it! Just starts a giggling and squealing! He's all BOY!! So rough already with his toys!! Oh man I'm nervous for the toddle years!! YIKES!!!

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