Friday, July 29, 2011

Some FUN 12mon candids of Penny Pie!

Our little Penny Pie is just so FUN! She just turn 1 last wk! and She is on the move...with her feet!!! What? I know our little diva is getting big! On her birthday she was taking 1-2 steps and through out this week she has figured it out! She will stand right up in the middle of the room and take off...falling after about 6 steps! We are so proud!!!! ps. still NO teeth! They are really taking their time!! Penny your just the BEST!!!! We love you!


lauren said...

oh i love her face!! hope her dr apt went well! i cant believe she is walking so fun!!! and you have lucked out on the teething terror!!

Ruthie said...

She is just the CUTEST! Love that Penny-kins!! Hope to see you guys soon!!! Loves and Hugs.....Ruthie & Gang