Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Little Super Star!!!

We have a Little Super Star! On Saturday it was Penny's 1st Pageant! What a Natural! She loved being on stage!! She was waving and saying HI! Blowing big Kisses! Twirling around! Nothing was going to stop her from Performing! It was the best seeing her up there on that big stage!! She didn't want to get off it either!! She competed against 12 other little girls in her division!! and would You believe our little Super Star...Won "Miss Tiny Tot Overall Winner"! Meaning she took 1st place in every category!! Plus to top it all off she got a medal for Personality Plus!! We were so excited for Miss Penny Cakes! She was so happy too! So now we are off to State for Penny to compete there! She is the only one from the competition to go to State and compete against all the other little girls that won overall! We are so PROUD!! State Pageant...Here we come!! Good Luck Sweet Little Penny!!! We LOVE you!
Wow! This totally brings back a ton of memories when me and my sisters used to be in all the pageants growing up! Grandma Penny would be so PROUD!!!
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Breezy Love Hats said...

She is too cute!!! I love this and I'm so proud!!! I'm glad we got a little beauty queen in the family cuz Emma wouldnt have made it on the stairs she is everywhere lol!!! I love miss penny and can't wait to see her blow kisses!!

lauren said...

hilarious!! i just think of that tlc show!! haha j/k she is the best little thing we love her! !

sloan said...

Auntie SLOAN is so so proud.... WOW she will take state for sure... she is the most adorable little lady I have ever seen!!!! miss you

Jen S. said...

Congrats to Penny! Woohoooo! She is just so stinkin' cute! Guess now I'll have to get her autograph :)