Sunday, August 9, 2009

What we did to celebrate for our 1st anniversary!

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To kick off our anniversary we went to our most favorite band in concert "Blue October"! They were amazing! What a way to start our weekend! Then we went to dinner and movie on Friday night! We saw "GI Joe" it was awesome! I feel as though it might have been better than"Transformers", but anyway, it was great! Then on Sat (which was our actual anniversary day) morning bright and early Chad took me golfing and then to breakfast! I love to golf and if you can believe was the first time we had ever golfed together! So how amazing to do this on our 1yr anniversary! Boy do I need some had been over 2 yrs since I had golfed before! Yikes! But we always just have so much fun together! I love it! After golfing Chad surprised me with the "Apple Tv"! For those that don't know what this is, it's made from Apple and you hook it up to your tv and you can rent and buy movies, buy songs all from your itunes! It's so amazing! It's like on demand but much, much more! Seriuosly the coolest! Then I surprised Chad with tickets to see his favorite football team the "Dallas Cowboys" play in Dallas in their new stadium! Chad was shocked! He has never seen a pro football team play live let alone his favorite and in their home stadium! Wow! We both can't wait to go to Dallas! So I guess you can say we have had an amazing first year and an amazing celebration at that! Thanks hons! I love you!


Marylin said...

I am so envious of your trip to Dallas to see the Cowboys!! They aren't my number 1 team but they are up there! What a great wife you are and what a great hubby to give you a gift that you love and are excited about!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! So when are you guys coming to Dallas? If you have time when you are here we would love to see you! -Kim Aronson