Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy Halloween little Bumble Bee!

Such a Fun Halloween! Our Sweet little Penny was a the cutest little Bumble Bee ever! and man did we have a Blast Tricker Treating this year! It's our little tradition to go out to my brother's house and trick or treat with my nephews in their awesome neighborhood! Each year gets better with this little Diva! and Yep she was a Diva! We hadn't even walked 1 house and she was wanting to be pushed in a stroller that we didn't even pack along! So my sister-n-law let us borrow hers! Thank goodness! We kept trying to get her to walk to keep up with her cousins but she would say..."just push me faster daddy!" What a silly girl! Then she would walk up to the door (as long as it wasn't scary or else we have to carry her) with her pumpkin and say..."Trick or Treat!" so sweet! We practiced that all month long! Love it! She's just getting so big! Sad but so Fun to live these moments!

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lauren said...

she is a crack up! the kids all looked adorable in their costumes! glad to see you guys this weekend!!