Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Masquerade Quinceanera!

Yes! You're reading this right! Penny was in her 1st and probably her only Quinceanera! The sweet lady Dulce that watches Penny while I work....her daughter Pam turned 15! So in their culture they get to have a huge party when they turn 15! A very Entertaining and Fun night! Ir was a Masquerade theme! So we were all masked when we arrived! Really Fun! I love dressing up! and so does little Penny! Penny was even in the program! She got to hand Pam her "last doll"! It's a symbolism in their culture of being a "young adult now"! Chad and I just sat back in awe of the whole night! We couldn't believe the amount of money that was spent and the time and prep to put on this Amazing Party! WOW! Just for a 15th Birthday! Penny don't get any ideas! hahaha! Such a memorable night for all!

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