Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Such a Wonderful Thanksgiving! We went up to St George, UT to visit my Family! My Grandma will be turning 98yrs in Jan so you just never know what life will bring her so we want to cherish every moment just in case it's the last! Penny just loves her little Grandma! and my little Grandma sure loves her sweet little Penny! So precious! So excited we got to see our Eryn! She flew in from Oklahoma for the weekend! We have loved every moment with her! Sad to see her have to go back!!
We got to visit my momma's grave! This is who little Penny is named after! She kept pointing at her name on the tomb stone...saying "that's my"! She just knew that was her name! I'm so thankful for my momma! She truly was the most amazing person I have ever known! I'm grateful to name my sweet little angel after my mom!! We are so happy we brought her name back! It will be 15yrs on the 29th of this month since she has passed! Can't believe it!! We love YOU momma! You are truly missed everyday!!
And of course if we have Eryn in town then that means photo shoot! So we snapped a few! Enjoy! Another wonderful Thanksgiving! So grateful for Family! We love YOU all!

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lauren said...

sure love your family~~ glad you had a good thanksgiving!