Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fair Fun!

It's tradition to go to the Clark county fair out in Logandale every year! It's Chad's home town so we have to represent! Plus I love carnival rides....I know scary...and my favorite is the ferris wheel! I was lucky enough to be able to go Friday and Saturday! On Friday I went with one of my very best friends Brandi and we brought along her three beautiful girls (take note they are in the pics above). This actually is the 2nd year I have gone with them and just played all day! This year we did not leave the carnival! I loved it! We just played all day! On Saturday was when Chad and I went! The weather was really rainy and cold but we still enjoyed every moment out there just loving the shows under all the big tents! You know I wasn't going out in that rain! lol! We also got to see alot of Chad's old friends from the valley and did I mention we never stopped eating!! Fair food is the best! All in all we had good times, a great weekend, and a fun tradition!

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steph and brent said...

Awww crap I missed it?! Looks like you had enough fun for the both of us!

lauren said...

what the freak brandi has braces!!

sloan said...

I wanted to go really bad this year!
Im jealous!
we will have to make sure and not miss it next year!
you look so so hot mama!
miss ya