Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Jungle to be!

We don't have much of a backyard, but who does these days anyway in Las Vegas! lol! We decided to work with what we got! So we planted lots of trees, plants, ground cover and of course my favorite bamboo to turn it into a jungle of our own! Star Nursery was having some great sales and a really good friend of mine that loves to garden came over and pretty much did the whole thing! It turned out perfect! Now we just have to wait many years for that jungle! lol! Anyone up for some bbq-ing! We are ready! Boy can Chad cook up some mean steaks!
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lauren said...

rememeber when we were going to be neighbors and you wanted a very, very little backyard? well arent you glad you have a bigger one so you can have bbq's and enjoy it with your hunny! doesnt surprise me with all that bamboo you planted! you love it! it looks awesome!