Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art in the Park!

So it's a tradition 3yrs running that the first weekend in Oct we sell cinnamon roasted nuts at the Boulder City Art in the Park!
It's actually Adam and Eryka's company but we all go out and help with the chaos of customers! We have such a fun time being all together and sampling of the amazing cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans all weekend! They are addicting and delicious! If you haven't tried them...then we'll see out in Boulder City next year! :)
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lauren said...

oh well about time for a post! j/k it was fun seeing you for 1.5 seconds at the dunes!!! hopefully next time you can stay!! those pictures are really cute! we didnt go there this year maybe next! its alittle hard with kids!but i sure love those nuts!!!!

The Facers said...

Oh girl, you know I am in! First stop Candydance...then back home to the Art in the Park with the Ence clan!!

william said...

Emylee this is Tyler. Your family looks great. Can you send me Eryns email? ty.young@yahoo.com