Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy 97th Birthday Grandma Ence!

Another year has come gone!!! and our Sweet little Grandma Ence is now 97!!! WOW!! Happy 97th Birthday!!! We had a big celebration up in Santa Clara, UT where she lives and all my family!! Grandma is so Amazing!! What a life to live! She just looked so good and was just so happy!! What a trooper!! We love you Grandma!!! We can't wait for your 98th!!!!
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Natalee said...

Awww I miss you Em! And Penny, even though she has no clue who I am ! hope I can get my act together and see you next time I am in town. :)

lauren said...

she is seriously the cutest grandma!!

Alan and Angela said...

Sweeeettt Ethan made the blog!!! We had a blast seeing you guys. Love you guys.

Jen S. said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandma!
Great pictures. And that little Penny is adorable as always--love her cute heart outfit! She just cracks me up! :)