Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our Silly Little Girl is 20mons!

Another month come and gone!! and little Penny is as silly as can be!!! It's been hard trying to catch her in these pics!!! She just goes, goes, goes!!! and when she does stop for a pic she is so dang goofy!! Look at her in these pics! Just cracks us right up!! She loves putting on a show!!! She loves playing dress up! and loves undressing and dressing her "Babies"! Wants to change her babies diaper and feed her just like we do her!! So funny how they learn and pick up so much from you!! She's just our little Parrot too!! She will say anything you say!! She talks and talks! The only time she's quiet is when she's sleeping! haha! She truly is the Best!! So fun to be around!!! Still getting lots of teeth (hurting her too poor thing)! and still hates Nursary unless daddy's in there she's perfectly fine!! I hope she gets over this soon cause I think daddy is getting tired of being in there! haha!! Can't wait to see what next month brings....!!!! We love you sweet P!!
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