Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fair Fun!!

Wheelchair and all we do not miss the Logandale Fair!!! I had just had surgery on my cervix to keep this baby boy in there just a few days before the Big fair weekend and we just can't miss out on all the FUN!! We took our trailers out as usual which was so nice to take naps in thru out the weekend and my amazing honz pushed me in a wheelchair so that we didn't miss out! This collage is from Friday! Penny couldn't get enough of the Pony Rides!! She would "yee-haw!" as she would ride around on her horsey! That night we went to the Rodeo which is always a Blast and very entertaining!
This is the collage of pics from Saturday! As you can see we did everything possible out there!! So much FUN!! Chance did his Mutton Buston ride on the sheep like he did last year! So exciting!! He did so good!! We were so Proud!! Such a Great day!!
And after our long naps out in the trailer we headed over to the carnival!! Penny was so Excited for all the rides!! She had a Blast!! We couldn't evan keep up with her from one ride to the next especially because Chad was still pushing me in that wheelchair! :) I can't wait till next year!! The carnival is my favorite part!! We just Love the fair!!!

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lauren said...

such a fun day!! we were exhausted after just being there for a bit! love that penny cowgirl!