Friday, September 11, 2015

Beach Fun for Labor Day!!!

 We always love getting away especially when it's a long weekend!! For Labor Day Weekend we headed down to the Beach!! Penny says she Loves the Beach and Loves staying in Hotels! haha! She pretty much just Loves life!! My happy sassy girl!!
 My boy Loves it too!! haha He loves whatever Penny loves!! We leashed him up once again and both him and i had a fabulous day at the Beach!! Wasn't worried where he was going to go one bit and boy did he have a blast!! He's just getting too big!! My baby...stop growing!!!!!
Here's all the rest of the Fun candids that I got while we were there!! Another fabulous weekend with our most favorite people!!!


lauren said...

oh you got some really cute pictures of the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Where are the pics of Chad being slammed by me- Ryan Ence. ...