Sunday, June 4, 2017

Baby Piper is 5mons!

Look who's 5mons!! Time goes by too fast and my baby is getting big! She's truly the best little baby! Shes has had a busy month! She got her ear's pierced! Had her 1st Beach trip and her 1st Lake trip! She just goes with the flow! and always has her sweet little Smile! She loves to giggle! and Penny and Cash can get her giggling the best! They love their baby sister and she loves them so much! She found her feet and can almost roll over from back to tummy! She get stuck on her side! lol! She can roll from tummy to back!! She loves getting her hands in the business she will grab onto everything! She holds her bottle really good too! She sure just brightens our world! We just our little Piper Rae so much! She makes our hearts very happy!!

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