Thursday, June 9, 2011

Newport Beach Here We Come!!

This was Penny's 1st Beach Trip! We had so many amazing pics it was so hard to choose from so this is what I narrowed it down too and it's still a ton of pics! We have such a BLAST with little Penny! She loved the sand and everything about it! She was a busy busy girl! She would have went out into the ocean if we let here! No fear! It was also so much fun to be with all my family! My 3 little nephews are just precious! They play so good together! It's so fun watching all of them play together! Little P will get right in there too and play with them thinking she is as big as them! What great memories we are making! Love it!!!
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lauren said...

fun times at the beach sure love you guys!

Jen S. said...

Hi Emylee!
I ♥ your's so cute!
I can't wait to go look at older posts too. Your family is just beautiful, and Penny is a little doll! She's SO CUTE!
PS--we sure had fun did a great job on Jeven's teeth :)