Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Wild Diva is 11mons!!!!

Oh my!! Oh my!!!! Can you say 11mons!!! We can't!! We don't want our Sweet Little P to get any bigger!!! We can't believe how fast the time goes!! She thinks she is such a BIG girl!! She Waves and Says "HI"! So precious! She is standing all by herself but no steps yet!!! But she can crawl like a Super STAR!! She's definitely our little Climber!!! Climbs onto the love sack, into the dishwasher. into the fridge, almost into toilets (I catch her first cause that is just gross!! haha), you name it she can climb it!! She found the stairs and can't get enough of them!! She can ZOOM right up them so FAST but a no go coming down!! She is definitely our WILD DIVA!!! Did I fail to mention she loves bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anything BLINGING!! She is truly our girly girl!! MOMMY LOVES that!! I'm pretty sure she loves her Baby Stroller and all her Babies the most!! MOMMY loves that too!! We love you SWEET PENNY CAKES!!!
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Jen S. said...

Happy 11 months to your cute, sweet, little DIVA! She's such a doll :)
PS--thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

lauren said...

i could eat her!! i love that face and i see that cute baby doll from the swapmeet in her stroller to cute!