Thursday, February 23, 2012

Penny Pie is 19 mons!!!

Oh! What another fun month we have had with this sweet little Penny in our life!!! She is just full of so much personality and sass!!! We can't believe she is already another month older!!! Such a Happy! Happy Girl....unless you take her to nursery!! Why doesn't she love this fun little place with new friends...singing time...snack time..and learning about Jesus!! Why??? We ask ourselves and everyone we see at church!! haha!!! She is getting a little better and warming up as long as we stay in there with her!! So we just hope and pray that each week she'll get a little more Brave and be able to manage with out us!!! Poor little thing!!! But how can you not just SMILE so BIG when you see this face!!! haha!! For Fun this month she started her very 1st mom and tot Gymnastic Class!!! She love...Love...LOVES this class and so do I!!! It's the best!! We can't wait to see what comes along next month!! Life is so Great!! We love you Penny Pie!!
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lauren said...

oh she is so dang cute! thats hilarious she hates nursery! cant wait to see pictures of her gym class!