Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm A BIG Girl Now!!!

Looks who's using the BIG girl potty!! She will be 2yrs old at the end of next month and No more Diapers for this little Penny cakes!! She Loves her Panties!! We had to get her every design because she said she loves...Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Princess, and Dora!! She is such a Silly, Smart, Spoiled little Diva!! and We just Love her!! We are so Proud of her!! The reason for jumping right on this potty training is because she said to me last week... "I say no diaper...mommy...diaper for my babies!" So I said "well ok then" and we haven't look back! It hasn't been the easiest but she is definitely smart and catching on fast!! Again we couldn't be more PROUD!! She is getting to fast!! We love you Penny!!!

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Natalee said...

I love how she decided to potty train herself! What a big girl! Wish I was there!