Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pageant! Pageant! Pageant Time!!!

This last weekend was Penny's Cinderella State Pageant! It was a very busy...busy...long day! She competed in 3 different categories! The pictures above are from the 1st category which was "Playtime"! This is where they are judged how they interact with other kids! She loved it! She had so much fun playing and singing! So sweet!

2nd category was "Casual Wear"! This was her 1st time on the Big stage! She wasn't to sure how fun this was! She was nervous and scared to be up there! This surprised us because she loves to perform! I know for me I couldn't wait to get off that stage and I'm pretty sure that was exactly how she felt! :)

The last category was "Party Wear"! This was the final time she was on the stage! She warmed up a little but was still ready to get off that stage! :) So at the very end they finally announce the Winners!! Penny won "Best Personality" and Most Photogenic"! Neither of those Surprised us!! She has too much Personality and she loves the Camera! haha! We were so Proud! Penny just loves her Trophies!! Not to sure if we will do any more Pageants unless little Penny is begging us to be in another one! It's a ton of work and very draining getting everything together for such a long busy day!! All in all is was a Fun Experience!
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Adam & Ady said...

SUPER cute! LOVE LOVE LOVE the blue zebra print dress! She is such a cutie!