Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bonnie Screams Spooky Town!!

Lasr Monday for some Family fun we went out to Bonnie Springs!! We dressed up the littles and headed on out! Penny was a Bumble Bee! Emma was a Ladybug! Benjamin was Spiderman! Sadie was a Cheer Leader and Kru was a Dinosaur! For Halloween they call it "Bonnie Screams"!! We got to take a Spooky Train out to the old Ghost town!! Penny loved riding the choo-choo traim! It was a little to spooky for me! Once we got out there we walked thru a petting zoo where the animals just roamed free! It was so crazy! Then we walked thru a hay maze and a Spooky Barn! So creative and so fun for our littles! And just before we were all done Penny and her cousins got to have a Pony ride! Now this was by far Penny's favorite part! Such a Fun Spooky Family night!

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