Monday, October 29, 2012

San Diego Fun 2012!

We just got back from a wonderful weekend in San Diego! We go once a year! It's our little tradition!On Friday we went to the Zoo! That's the top collage of pics! We had blast! Penny just loved all the animals! She kept saying.."come here..I hold you!"...haha! Now some of these animals are Humongous to her! haha! She so cute! Just love her!
On Saturday we headed to Sea World! Such an Amazing day! So much fun to see all the shows and all the decorations for Halloween! Penny loved Shamoo and and the Dolphins! When we saw the Penguins she said..."mommy they stinky!" and man were they ever! haha! She has got the best little personality! Such a happy girl! What a fabulous fun weekend!! Can't wait to get back!!

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lauren said...

love that penny girl! looks like a blast! cant wait to see ya this weekend!