Tuesday, January 1, 2013

All of Us Out At the Dunes!

Say Cheese! We took some Fun family pics out at the Dunes! It's so hard to get all of us together these days with Eryn in OK and Eryka up in UT so when the chance arrived we had to jump on some family pics! Ever year after Christmas we head to the dunes and stay till New Year's Eve! So we decided it would be so fun to do our family pics out there! So here they are! Enjoy!
This collage is some great pics of each of the families and the sweetest is the grand kids with Grandpa pics! Love it! My brother Ryan has his 2 boys! Chance 6yrs and Mav 3yrs! Eryn of course doesn't have any kids! Just busy in Ortho School in OK! and Eryka has 1 boy and 1 boy on the way! Yay!!! She is due the end of January! Zane just turned 3yrs and she doesn't quite have a name picked out for her 2nd boy! I'm getting so excited to hold a new sweet little baby!! Can't wait!
and here's our Fun little Family pics! Little Penny is just the cutest! Just little Penny for us right now! She is 2yrs old!
This last collage is candids of all the fun we had out at the dunes!! I love being with all my family! We always have such a wonderful time together! Wish we were all together more often! Just Love you guys!

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lauren said...

those are adorable!! love your family!