Monday, May 27, 2013

The Beach Life!

We just got back from an amazing trip down to Newport and Huntington Beach! We spent the whole memorial weekend down in Cali! Oh that's just the life! It's hard to come back home knowing you got a busy work week after a wonderful relaxing weekend like that!! So the top collage is of the Diva! She of course Loved the Beach! She played and laid right out in the sand!! We would look over at her and she would just be a basking in the Sun! So funny! She loved the Ocean! She would run out to the water and as it would come in she would take off a squealing back up the sand!! We just love watching her!
This collage is of the fun candids of most everyone that came with us this weekend! It really was so nice to just get away and relax! We needed it! and now we are already talking about when to go back!! :) We love the Beach life!!!

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lauren said...

such cute pictures!! i need the ones of maddie and penny the one i took was all blurry! such a fun weekend!