Friday, March 10, 2017

Baby Piper is 2mons!

 How fast has 2mons gone! Well when you're packing your old house, moving to the new house, all of us have been so sick including Baby Piper getting RSV twice and still working the time really flies!!!! Oh how we love our baby girl! She is just the sweetest! Not much squawking even when she was so sick! She got Pink eye from the big siblings and had to see an eye specialist because she was only 24 days. 3 chest xrays and an ER Summerlin Hospital Visit for the RSV 2 times! She has kept us busy and on our toes! She has been such a little trooper! Such a good baby! Little Piper has even started to Smile! It's the best feeling! Just brightens my day! She has the sweetest Smile! Love this little princess so  much!
Well I'd say baby Piper fits right in!! Penny and Cash just adore her, protect her and love her! Penny loves to play mommy! and Cash can't stop giving her Kisses! These three make my heart so happy!!  Love being their momma!

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