Thursday, March 16, 2017

Go Eagles Go!!!!

 Ba-Ba-Ba-BOOM Dynamite!! Look at our cutest little Cheer Leader! This one is a performer! lol! We Love watching her! She puts a Smile on the faces in the crowd! So proud to call her mine!! She makes momma so happy!
 Give me a that I...C-T-O-R-Y! We need a VICTORY! Yeah! Yeah! a VICTORY! This is EAGLES Territory! Love hearing her Cheer!
Penny is such a Fun girl! She loves bringing Smiles to all those around her! She loves going to school with her cousin Emma! They have so much fun together! I love that they have each other! Penny is also loving her new neighbor and friend Avy! Thanks to Mrs Rodriguez for another great year of coaching! Penny sure had FUN!
I have got to get Penny into cheer classes! She absolutely loves cheering!! and of course she Loves to perform!

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