Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Baby Piper growing too fast!!

 This little Princess turned 4mons! Why does the time have to go by so fast! She loves Smiling!! She started giggling and Penny can get her laughing the best! Little Piper brings so much joy to our home! She has the cutest squeaks and cooing when she's trying to talk to u! She has been a very mild mannered baby! She's content where ever u put her! Very rarly crys out! She loves playing under her jungle mat! She just kicks and grabs the toys!Everything goes straight to her mouth! She get's a going under there just a playing and loving it! She loves tummy time! Smiles the whole time! She can roll  from tummy to back but not back  to tummy just yet! She gets to the side and gets stuck! We started adding rice to her bottles of milk for her acid reflux! It's bad! Little Piper is  not to  sure about the rice added to it! lol but so far it's keeping her from vomitting her bottles up! Poor baby! We just love our Piper Rae so much! The sweetest baby girl!

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