Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

 How did I get to be so blessed to be able to raise these 3 amazing special babies! Sent straight from heaven to me!! They bring me so  much joy! They make my heart so full of love! I never thought i could love unconditionally! It's unreal how i feel about these 3 sweet faces! Being mom is also the hardest job i have ever done! Non-stop around the clock momma! but worth it and so rewarding! I love being their mommy!!!
These pics were from Penny's mother's day program at her school! She was so proud to have me there! I hope that never changes! She fed me, sang to me and read to me the sweetest things! I love my big girl!!! Miss Penny pie! We have so much fun together! She loves all the girly thing i love!!

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