Monday, April 16, 2012

Fair FUN!!!

The Good old Fair Days!! We just got back from camping out at the Clark County Fair in Logandale! As all of you know this is Chad's home town so we don't go a year without going out there! So it's become our fun little tradition! As the years have gone by we have added more family and friends to our tradition! The more the merrier! That's what we love!!!! We love being with our family and friends!! This was the first time my dad came out and he said next year he was bringing his trailer!! Love it!!! My honz gets so Proud showing off his home town! I love him so much for that!! What made this trip to the fair so fun was that is was our first time bringing out our very own trailer and camping right out on the grounds!! The last few years we have stayed in my brother's trailer! It's just so nice having your own space! We got to lay Penny down for a nap each day and regroup for the Rodeo!! So FUN!!! We love our Fair Fun!!

Here are some awesome fun action shots from all the Carnival rides!! This is my favorite part of the Fair!! Penny loved them and really loved it when she could ride right next to her cousins!!! She just loves her boys!!!! So So FUN!!!

Last but not least and definitely the Highlight of the weekend....Ryan and Em put our little Chance in the "Muttin Bustin" Contest! For those of you that don't know what this's a race ages 4-7yrs where they ride a sheep for 6 seconds! They have to hold on tight while the Sheep takes off running Wild!!! They are scored on how long they stay on the Sheep! Hilarious!! This was Chance's 1st time ever doing such a thing and Our 1st time ever watching!!! We were all so Nervous for him!!! but He was so calm and confident that he was going to WIN (without even knowing what to expect)!! WOW!! There were 10 kids in the 1st round! The top 5 got to go to the finals!!!! Well....our little Chance took 1st place!!! What! He stayed on pass the 6 seconds! We were so Excited! Couldn't believe it!! So he got to race in the Championship Finals which was just later that night!! So at his Championship race...the Sheep took off with Chance riding on it and the Sheep flipped over on it's head and Chance still held on!! He was not letting go!! When the Sheep landed on it's back it landed on Chance! We were all worried he was hurt but he got right up and waved to the crowd!! He is so Funny!! What a sport!! He took 2nd in the Finals! but of course we were all so PROUD!!! He's totally #1 to us!!! Especially if that dang Sheep wouldn't have done a somersault trick!! haha!! Love ya Chance!! Can't wait till next years "Muttin Bustin!"
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lauren said...

1st off love penny girl on that pony! so cute, we watched the youtube of chance he is sooo adorable maddie was so proud of her cowboy! sad to miss it but cant wait for next year with your dad!!!