Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!! We had our Traditional Easter egg hunt at my dad's!! What a Great day!! We got to my dad's pretty early so we could swim! He had heated the pool to 90degrees! Amazing!! and man do we have some little fish!! We couldn't get the kids out of there!! Especially Penny!! Later that day we had our BIG egg hunt!! My dad and Janeen always put $300 cash divided in the eggs! So this is always the Best FUN hunt ever!! It wasn't our best year to find all the cash! We found $25 total between me and Chas and little Penny found a few with change!! She would get so excited when she'd find one!! She would stop each time and open the egg to see what was in there! So FUN!! We can't wait until next year!! This is one of our most Favorite Traditions!! Thanks dad and Janeen for a Wonderful Day!
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Jen S. said...

So glad to hear you had a real nice Easter. Sounds like fun was had by all...yae!! :)

lauren said...

that outfit is adorable!! i seriosly love that tradition of your dads and doing that for my kids when they get big!