Monday, April 30, 2012

Penny! Penny! 21mons!!!

Such a BIG Girl!!! Penny just turned 21mons!!! We can't believe it!! We have been Super busy getting her all ready for her State Competition in the Cinderella Pageant! It's a little more than a month away! So we have been working on Performing!!!! So here are just s few of the Fun things she has been doing.....She loves to Sing...She will SING all day everyday (so sweet)! Loves to Dance and be so Silly!! She Curtsies and says "curtsy" when shes doing it (so funny)! She loves to Twirl and Pose, Pose, Pose!! Saying "CHEEEEEEESE"!!!! When you ask her..."What's your name?"...she says "PENNY" and points right to herself!! (she used to say "NAME" hahaha!) We still have her in Gymnastics and man is she getting good...Her somersaults are Perfect!! :) She loves going every Monday! Her most Favorite toy ever is her Mini Mouse Doll! It comes along with us everywhere!! :) She gets so Excited if she spots Mini Mouse or any of the Disney Princesses while shopping! haha! And at the end of each day before we put her into her bed...she says to us...."Prayer?..Prayer?" and she tries to say her very own Prayer!! Love it!! We have said a Prayer to her before bedtime since she was born and now she knows exactly what to do!! Such a Great feeling as a Parent!! We are so Proud!!!! We love you sweet little P!!

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