Sunday, May 6, 2012

We Sailed the Western Caribbean on the Allure of the Seas!!!

Hey! Hey! We are back! What a Fabulous time we had! I took over 800 pics (of course)! So to make it easiest I have colleagued each day we were gone and what we were doing on those days!!! So enjoy!!
The top pic collage is when we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Sat. April 21! This is where our fun most amazing adventure started!!! So to kick off our week we ate at the Rustic Inn! It was so Delicious!! You could choose from every kind of seafood possible! So those of you that know my Honz he ordered the full sampler! Getting a taste of everything!! He LOVES Seafood!!! :) The next morning we were able to board the Ship of Dreams!! Allure of the Seas!!!

All Aboard!!! So on Sunday the 22nd we boarded the Biggest ship in the World!!! We called it the Ship of Dreams!! It seriously was a city on water!! We were so amazed at the size!!! and so many things to do!! So we spent all of Sunday exploring and getting familiar with all the Fun we could do on this ship!! We set sail that night at 5pm!!

This collage is from Monday the 23rd! We were at Sea all day! Se we really got to enjoy the ship!! We ate, sun tanned out by the 8 different pools, and some more!!! :) Chad and Eryn played on the Flow Rider...this where you could Surf or Boogie board right on the Ship!! There was a zip line that went across the Ship and 2 rock climbing walls!! The Sport zone was super cool!! Seriously there was tons to do!! So FUN!! This was also our 1st Formal dinner night! and after dinner we went to the Chicago show!!! We were living it up!!

Tuesday was our 1st stop!! So when we woke up we were in Haiti!! Amazing!! It was super humid here but so Beautiful!! We relaxed on a private white sand Beach and did some shopping in their little Village!! What an Awesome Experience this was!! We were back on the ship by 5pm to set sail!!! When we got back on the ship we got ready for dinner and then went to the amazing Water Show!!! We then ended our night with a Hilarious Dating Game Show!

Next stop...Jamaica!!! This was Wed. 25th and Yes it was my BIRTHDAY!! What a way to Celebrate my 32nd Birthday!! When I woke up and walked out my door a couple of my friends decorated my door, the wall and hallway just for my Special day!! Here we Hiked up the Dunn's River! It was super busy with tons of hikers but way cool to experience the Beautiful Waterfalls!!! We ate some Yummy Jerk Chicken, rice and beans!! Jamaica is known for their Jerk Chicken! Did a little shopping here and then got back on our ship!! We set sail at 5pm! When we got on the boat we got ready for dinner! At dinner Dr. Griffiths (my boss) Surprised me with a HUGE Birthday Cake and everyone sang!! So FUN!!! Then we went to the Quest Show!! This is where my Chad starred in it!! He was our Team Captain along with my friend Channi! This game was an Adult Scavenger Hunt! Soooooo FUNNY!!! Chad and Channi were Awesome!!! Seriously the Best Birthday...a night to remember!!!

The following day was Thurs the 26th and we were at Sea!!! So of course we Played hard on the ship!! Some more flow riding, sun bathing, and eating!!!!!! Just RELAXING all day is Perfect!! This was our 2nd Formal Dinner Night!! After dinner we went to another Show!! This was the Minute to Win it Game!! Not quite as Funny as the night before when Chad was our Star but still a FUN night!!!

When we awoke we were in Cozumel!!! This was our last port! It was Fri the 27th (my sister Eryka's 30th Birthday! Love you Eryka!)!! This was by far our most Favorite stop!! The weatherer was Perfect!! Chad and I Scuba Dived for the 1st time! AMAZING!! The water here was So Turquoise!! We could see the Coral from the Boat we took out to Scuba Dive!! So Beautiful!! We ate at cool little Mexican restaurant!! Shopped a ton here!! My honz evan Surprised me with a new Beautiful Diamond Ring!! Oh MY!!! We were back on the boat at 6:30pm! Got ready for dinner and our show we went to was Planet Earth!! Lots of singing and acrobats! What a Fabulous Amazing Day!!!!

Well this was our last day at Sea!! Saturday 28th! We were headed back to Florida!! Boy were we really missing our little Penny!!! So we just played on the Ship all day!! Watched a Fun Water show! Sun bathed and relaxed by the pools! Some more flow riding and of course Eating!!! We packed up our suitcases and got ready for our last dinner!! To end our trip we went to the Comedy Show and laughed so hard we were crying!! and then Danced a little in the Club!! What an Amazing Week we have had! Sad to see it end!! But we were so Excited to see our Penny!!!!

We made it back home!!! Boy did we miss our little Sweet P!! Just look at that little Face!! She was so happy to see her mommy and daddy! We couldn't wait to get home to her!!! My sister Eryka had her all week!! I'm so Blessed to have such an Amazing sister!! She took such great care of her!! I wouldn't have left my sweet little P with anyone else but Auntie Ka!!! Since we have been home Penny hasn't stopped asking for "Ka" (Eryka), "Am-mem" (Adam), and "Zeen" (Zane)!! She had such a Blast!! What an Amazing Vacation to remember!! But It feels good to be home!!! Back to the grind we go!!!!!!
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Jen S. said...

WOW! It looks like you guys had an amazing time on your fun and wonderful! I loved seeing all of the pictures. :)

PS--missed seeing you the past few times Jeven has had ortho appts. Hopefully next time it will work out and we'll see you!

lauren said...

amazing! love all the pictures looks like a blast!