Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Penny is 22mons.....Already???

Stop growing Penny!! You are getting to big to fast!! She just is getting Smarter and Smarter each day!! A little busy bee...more like busy body!! It really is like something new and exciting comes from her each day!! She surprises us with the silliest things she does!! My most favorite thing she does is SING!!! She loves to sing! She pretty much sings all day long!! I love it!! Such a Big girl! So up top are some sweet pictures of Penny that I took through out the month!

These pictures are from when we changed her bed into a BIG Girl Bed!!! She was so Excited!! She loves it!! We changed it into a toddler bed this past Sunday because all weekend long she would CLIMB out of her CRIB!! So Scary!! We couldn't keep her in there! So to keep her safe we switched it over....and man does she thinks she is BIG!! Now we are working on keeping her in her Room!!! haha!!! Just love this little sassy pants!!
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