Sunday, May 20, 2012

2 Graduations and a Happy Mother's Day!!

To kick off our busy weekend was my sister Eryn's Graduation!! She did it!! She is officially DR. ERYN ENCE! We are all so PROUD!! What an accomplishment!! All of her hard work and dedication is done for now!! Just only a few weeks off and then she's off to Oklahoma to start her next be an Orthodontist!! Those that don't know what kind of a Dr. this is...she will be doing BRACES when all said and done!! So just a few more years and she will be making every one's SMILES PERFECT!! I couldn't be more PROUD of her!! She is the SMARTEST one!!! I look up to her in so many ways and being a Dr. is beyond my imagination!! I Love YOU Dr. ENCE!! Can't wait to work for YOU!!
The very next day was Chad's mom's Graduation!! What a Fun day!! All of Chad's brothers and families came in to town! We just Love to see them! It's not very often that we get to!! So when they are here we really make some fun memories!! We are extremely Proud of DeeDee!! She has worked so hard for so long to get through school and she did it!! Wha-hoo!! She is such an example to me of a Hard working Amazing momma!! Her next chapter is Law School!! WOW!! She is a go getter!! We love YOU MOM!!!
To finish this Crazy Busy Exciting Weekend was Mother's Day!!! Yeah!! My DAY!! I'm truly blessed to be Penny's mommy! She is such a joy in my life!! Her personalty and sass is just the BEST!! When I think of her I just SMILE so BIG!!! I'm so Proud everyday to be her Mommy!! I Love you Penny with my whole HEART!!!


Eryn said...

I love it and all of you. Thanks for all of the support and love. I can't wait to come back and work with you too. I am so proud of all of the moms(and dads) in our family. So blessed and grateful. Congrats DeeDee, what an accomplishment.

lauren said...

so proud of eryn! she looks beautiful! cant wait for her to be my kids dr. she will be the best!