Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Penny's Gymnastic Time!!!!

So here are some Fun Actions shots of Penny in her Favorite Gymnastic Class!!! She Loves..loves..Loves gymnastics!!! At the very beginning of class they get to Sing and Dance to warm up!! This is probably her most favorite part because she loves to sing, dance and be so silly!!!! Then it's off to the tumble, balance and swing!! She has gotten really good at each different thing!! At the very end her teachers stamps her feet and hands for doing a Super Job!! She Loves getting those Stamps!! She shows them off all day to everyone!!!! All of her little friends are in her class too which makes it even better!!! It's the best to watch them play!!! I love it!! I can't wait until she's 2....because then I can put her in a Dance class!! Now that's going to be FUN!!! Yeah!! She will love that too!! I'm sure of it! She's just the happiest little girl!!! Proud momma over here!!!  :)
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